Sunday, 21 February 2010

Who, where,why, what?

A blog?, no one has said to me.

A blog. Another self regarding ramble through the thoughts of who?

Who? Me. How do I describe myself? Seperated Father and Husband? Fearless persuer of the Batchelor life? Another fucked up 40something? Take your pick of those or any other you care to choose. I'll try not to care, but secretly will....

Where? London UK. Catford to be precise for those of you that know our fair city.

Why? That may be answered in the fullness of time but for now, just to express myself and hope that some of it strikes a chord, good or bad, in others.

What? Well thats simple. Already answered above. This will be anything that crosses my mind, be it my family and relationships (you can bet they will be covered in depth). My work life or my ill thought out discursions into any topic that takes my fancy.

I'll try to be truthful but may 'gloss' things up a bit at times. But feel free to take me to task, my glossing is as good as my DIY and thats pretty awful!

It's Sunday. I still view it as a day of rest and remember with some fondness back to the time of few shops being open and not much to do. My first action of the day was to check who had been on Facebook. I chide myself for this. You can too if you wish, but like many others, I've become an addict of the silly forum. I post lots of music on my page, trying to impress with my wide musical tastes and occasionally, post the odd Status update. It's usually a quote meant to give some vague impression of my mood at the time. This quite often doesn't work. How can people thousands of miles away or even around the corner ascertain your mood from a shakesperean quote. They may sometimes feel I'm about to murder someone close to me. Often its just a blunt statement about my mood. They don't last long. The sense of the irrationality overtakes me quickly and they get deleted. Always.

Today I was hoping to spend some time with my youngest Son. When I called I was told he has a friend coming round to play. This is often the way with the 'Away Parent'. You may feel it's important to keep that bond with your children as often as possible but, you have to accept, that at times, a 3 hour stint playing FIFA 2010 with a friend is a much bigger draw than sitting in your dads' flat watching DVD's. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, this knowledge. But I'm not so divorced from life that I don't understand and accept.

So I content myself with this. Cosi fan Tutti plays in the background. It could easily be Elvis Costello, I don't want to give the impression I'm anything near highbrow. Soon I'll be watching football on TV. What a wild and varied life......

Now to get this into 'cyberspace' before I write more (or watch the football). If anyone finds this, please feel free to comment. I'll promise to try and make it more interesting but can't promise.


  1. Thank you, i'll read this with pleasure i'm sure. It's not often someone bares their soul. I hope it gives you solace to put pen to paper so to speak. Your musical extremes show intelligence and openess. I do like you! Take good care of yourself my friend. xx

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  3. It's funny how we all turn to writing when we feel the need to express or get our feelings out. I have one of these to however,one, I started it a long time ago, two it's been awhile since I've written in it. I've never shared my blog with anyone I know, always strangers, not sure why, maybe because it was a part of my life that needed to be kept to me and not those who could be involved. It helps ... stange but true :-) xx

  4. Thank you for the more than kind comments people. I hope this will take off so tell your friends about it please.